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Enjoy the benefits of managing suppliers and service providers for your activity and ensure the flow of inputs and goods to warehouse management through a powerful system that helps simulate the actual documentary cycle of many companies (quotations - purchase orders - permissions (exchange and add) - invoicing). It is also a powerful and effective tool for following up on supplier accounts and controlling different pricing methods...

Purchasing app features:

  • Unlimited vendor names and supplier ratings.
  • Building a complete supplier database that includes the tax card.
  • Commercial registration, grace period, and the balance of the first period.
  • Record all store transactions (purchases - purchase returns).
  • Add multiple pricing requests and receive orders from stores with products that are completely sold out or about to sell out.
  • Register the purchase order to start the actual purchase process and create invoices and receipt orders on it.
  • Recording future plans for purchasing products.
  • Inventory Control allows you to manage returns, pending orders, and merchandise receipts.
  • Create procurement bids and invite multiple suppliers to bid.
  • The system gives you more than one way to determine the appropriate costs.